Monday, September 20, 2010

Interactive Rendering of Large Fluid Simulations

I thought I'd start off this blog with a link-back to my last blog, that I maintained for Senior Design at Penn.

This project developed new techniques for visualizing large-scale fluid simulations using. We used a ray-casting technique to extract isosurfaces of a potential function, giving the surface its blob-by appearance. This technique is well suited to rendering particles simulations interpreted as fluids or gases.

To accelerate this rendering, we perform each pixel in parallel and accelerate our ray collision queries using a spatial data structure. A grid data structure in perspective space makes traversal a very regular and efficient operation, and is well suited for uniformly distributed irregular data. To support dynamic simulations, we rebuild this data structure from scratch each frame.

This project is currently stalled, but I may pick it back up in the next month.

Interactive Rendering of Large-Scale Fluid Simulations

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