Wednesday, February 2, 2011


We recently competed at the PennApps Mobile development competition, with the same team as the last competition this fall. We didn't place in the competition, but I was really happy with the quality of our final product.

The theme of our competition was 'serendipity'. Our application was a generalization of Snapple Facts for arbitrary products. Each product you scan will give you a random fact from a category specific to that product.

Weuse Barcode Scanner to recognize barcodes and an online UPC database to look up the corresponding products. We built our fact database by scraping the Wikipedia Did-You-Know archives, and also display corresponding images scraped from Google search results. My girlfriend Lauren built the whole comic-book-themed front end and set up the image animation.

Overall, it's a fun and cute little application that makes use of some neat technologies. Check out my demo video and a download link below.

FactSnap! Market Page

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