Monday, April 25, 2011

Nested Tabs

So I've been spending alot of time doing command-line development on my Ubuntu laptop recently, and I have many different ways to let different tasks share my limited screen-space.

Recently however, I find I've been using them in a pretty consistent way, that help keeps all my work straight. Each level of indirection multiplexes screen-space across a specific direction. I thought I'd share my scheme here:

Workspaces (change with Ctrl-Alt-(LEFT|RIGHT))
----Doc/Browser Programs (change with Alt-Tab)
--------Web Browser Tabs (change with Ctrl-Tab)
--------PDF Viewers (untabbed)
--------File Browsers
----Gnome Terminal (Generally only 1)
--------Terminal Tabs (use for different login sessions)
------------GNU Screen Windows (use for different working dirs)
----------------Vim Tabs (use for conceptually separate tasks in same dir)
--------------------Vim Split-Windows (use for one task that covers multiple files/different parts of the same file)

The only level of nesting where I don't do much multiplexing is running multiple applications on the workspace I use for my Gnome Terminal, not sure if there is room for improvement there.

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